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When should we start our wedding dance lessons?

If you didn't start planning your dream first dance after watching Beauty and the Beast we can't help you.

Just kidding 😜

"I just don't want to awkwardly hug and sway!"

"I want us to have fun!"

"Ummm, my wedding is in 2 weeks!"

"I used to dance but he has two left feet!"

We have heard it all and designed custom dances (gameplans) for all types of deadlines, ability, style, and difficulty level of wedding dress. Our mission at Love Dance HTX is not only for you to be happy with your first wedding dance but enjoy the learning and bonding process together. When you wait until the last minute it becomes more stressful and less enjoyable.

It is never too early to start dancing together!

For one thing, you can use your moves at your friends's weddings, holiday parties, vacations, etc! Check out our client reviews why this is the "best part of wedding planning!"

Another perk is it takes the anxiety and unknown of you being judged and shamed by your instructor and fiancé. You'll find we are a safe space.

There's nothing more romantic than music, dancing in each other's arms and drinks (we are byob!) plus the longer you practice the more natural the moves look which is what we call "muscle memory".

This is a great birthday or holiday present!

Getting closer to the big day.....two or three months out? Most of our couples take 3-10 lessons (the 5 session is our most popular). We start your first lessons with getting the choreography knocked out, so we have more time to make the dance fit the music and then look natural. Even if you're doing a 3 lesson program, it's better to start with the choreography lesson first and then book a follow up lesson in the next week or two and your last one 4-10 days of your wedding. This also gives us some wiggle room if you start freaking out and want an extra session.

Also, most couples don't anticipate that the final month before the wedding a lot is happening. Usually there are final vendor payments, that damn seating chart, dealing with all of your friends who don't read the wedding website and ask you in person. You might get sick or have last minute travel plans for work. we want to make sure we get you in early before brain goes into final countdown mode.

Uh oh, my wedding is at the end of the month. Help!

Don't worry we do have a one or two lesson option. We record everything we do on your phone so you can go home, practice, and write it down. A one lesson approach will be a very simple one, how to walk on the floor, make sure you dance to the beat of your song, where to end, how to do a dip. When you are stressed it's especially important to have an action plan!

Recently engaged? Book a date night lesson or our signature Wedding Prep 101! This is a great way to meet us, have a great date night and see how we do things at Love Dance HTX without a sleazy sales pitch.

And if you are absolutely the worst dancer in the world... well at least you brought wine.

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