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Your Wedding Dance

We Fix Bad Dancers

Planning a wedding can be stressful and learning the wedding dance should be the least stressful thing to do.  It needs to be fun. Most of us are a little challenged when it comes to dancing together and that is ok because with a little guidance our instructors can fix bad dancers.  It doesn't matter how bad you are or he or she is, we can fix it.  And you are in good company because many people nowadays go to the bar on the weekends not the ballroom.  Funny thing is,  you don't need to be the next contestant on Dancing with the Stars to conquer your dance.  With some instruction and maybe a bottle of wine, your lessons will help you nail your dance. Take the lessons by stride and have fun with your partner.  The connection is the most important ingredient to a good wedding dance and that's where we come in.
I think a wedding dance routine get's the marriage off to a great start for dancing. Many couples never learn a routine together and married couples wait many years before they dance together.  I think the reason is, for men at least, is the fear and dread of failure, and let's face it, the thought of learning a dance routine can be dreading if you are not a dancer. But it doesn't have to be.  We take the fear and dread out of the learning process.  Your wedding dance is the start of many years of the two of you dancing together. It should be a positive learning experience and lastly it should be the highlight of all the wedding planning and here's why.  Learning to dance with the one you love and vow for a lifetime is one of the most important things you can do to preserve intimacy.
Dancing builds intimacy, intimacy that is lost in the noise and stress of life. Dancing together builds connection, the lost connection we fight for that is so easily squeezed out of our day by devices, emails, kids and noise!
The silver lining in learning your wedding dance, apart from the fact that you two will look awesome, is the moves you learn can be used at every wedding, holiday party, gala, ball and bar mitzvah.  It will enhance your life together and we will make it a fun experience for you to learn. I promise.

We Teach Differently

Our philosophy and approach on teaching wedding couples is a little different than most studios.  The first thing we want to accomplish is taking the dread out of the learning process.  Learning with your soon to be spouse should be a pleasant experience and we do everything we can to accommodate and take the edge off.  We believe in the power of wine, beer, and tequila shots.  We are a BYOB studio and encourage making your lessons a mini date.  We have a tried and true step by step process to help guide you through your song choice, choreography, dress, shoes and the final product of a great wedding dance.  The dance can be as simple or complex as you would like.  We work with you at your pace and cater to you and your partner.  Our desire is to offer excellent instruction in a non-judgmental, accepting environment and to send you off to our wedding happy.

Option 1

(Crash Course)

3 Private Lessons

Goals: This course will introduce you to partnership dancing for The First Dance. The instructor will teach how to walk on and off the floor, basic step, underarm turn, and dip to music. This is our "crash course" option.

Option 3 (We Nailed It!)

10 Private Lessons


Goals: The to-be-wed couple will receive custom choreography for their First Dance. This amount of time helps newer dancers look  coordinated and confident, letting their individual personalities translate in the dance better. Beyond the basics. Also learn some moves for the reception!
  3-15 week course  

Option 5 (Family Affair)

50 Private Lessons for Wedding Couple and Wedding Party

Choreography for The First Dance

Choreography For All Family Dances

Music Cut on All Routines

Unlimited Socials for Wedding Couple

Goals: Enjoy the journey! This is for couples that want to be polished, confident, and execute with style. The learning process becomes a highlight of the wedding planning as the couple makes memories and enjoys being in each other's arms. 
3 months-1 year course
$3950 SALE from $5250

Option 2 (First Dance 5)

5 Private Lessons

Choreography for First Dance

Our most popular package!
Goals: The to-be-wed couple will receive custom choreography for their First Dance. This amount of time helps newer dancers look  coordinated and confident, letting their individual personalities translate in the dance better. Beyond the basics.
  3-8 week course  

Option 4 (We Dance Together)

20 Private Lessons


Reception/Social Dance Moves

Music Cut (For Multiple Songs)

Goals: Learn a new hobby together! This package will help you if you have never danced before and may be shared with family. This amount of time allows couples to master their dance and learn lifelong moves for every formal occasion. 
10-20 week course  

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