What is Love Dance HTX?

LDH Mission and Core Values ​

We believe in building relationships and creating special memories for special occasions in your life. We are in the business of relationship building.  Most people who come into our studio have never danced before.  Our studio is not only about dancing, it's about connection. It's about creating time away from device life, spent with people that matter to you in a beautiful setting with music and ambiance.

Relationship Building 101

Relationship building is tougher than ever today with the many distractions that plague our personal and professional lives.  When you dance with someone your interests and attention are not divided by texts and banner messages. The leader must lead and the follower must follow. 

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are designed to share a meaningful connection and memories with special people.  Whether you are learning for a wedding, want a special date night, or want to do something special with Mom or Dad we create the perfect safe and fun space. We offer private dance lessons to couples who are interested in becoming closer and learning a skill as a team.  We create an environment for couples to learn dance and experience connection.  Couples do not change partners, we do not pressure you into competing. 

Private Group Classes 

Sometimes it' hard to connect with friends (or employees, coworkers, family) in a loud bar. Book a private space (especially if you need social media privacy), bring in the bites and drinks you want and let us host the music and a fun class. We offer different experiences for couples, singles, corporate, etc.  Classes are designed to be with friends who, in some cases, would never dance or come to something like this.  The classes are private and will have Lisa and Chris as ice breakers so that people can come ready to have fun and not worry about hosting everyone.  Let us worry about making sure sure everyone feels comfortable while you have fun with your loved ones. Click Here for More Info. 

Private Events

From Birthdays to Corporate, Graduations to Weddings we offer something different. Not the same hotel experience or stuffy conference room. Our space can be transformed into a memorable event.  Click Here for More Info. 

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lovedancehouston@gmail.com | (832) 781-1735 | 2206 Edwards St. #B, Houston, TX 77007

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