So, the big question for most of you is "Do I wait until next year or have a small wedding now?" Sigh. You imagined all your friends and family traveling to support you and come together to celebrate your amazing union. And they should! That's ok! Life (as we have seen) is tough and it is better with friends and family by our sides. The people that show up to your wedding are most likely the ones you will lean on in some way or another. We have all realized how important spending time and making memories are with people that matter because life is unpredictable and beautiful but at times fragile. Fortunately, you have had the love of your life by your side during quarantine and can't wait to marry them!

But I want my wedding!

Ok, the bottom line. $$$ Nobody plans to have two weddings. One is probably 30% more than you planned on spending. You can still make your fiance' your wife or husband for less than $3000 and begin your new life together NOW. That's less than most Gucci bags. Reschedule your venue and vendors for next year and celebrate with everyone else that matters in your life....safely. We all can't wait to party next year!

Every business making weddings memorable and special have been hurt by COVID-19 and most people in the industry are accommodating rescheduling as well as offering steep discounts for services this year. Let's look at what you need to get officially married and think fondly of that day. We are not talking about going to the courthouse but having an actually beautiful and romantic day, celebrate your love and giving COVID-19 the finger.

What do you need to get married and not feel slighted?

1. Each other!

2. A Marriage License (you need it anyways, no added cost)

3. Officiant

Pastors need extra work too now! $100-$200

Or have a family or friend marry you! $0

4. It's Houston indoor venue would be ideal.

Venues are offering packages NEVER offered before! You can book a 2 hour

elopement rental with wedding party march music, bridal entrance music,

background music, mood lighting, plates for cake and champagne flutes for as

little as $795 or add on extra time for a mini reception. You can have tables

and chairs, BYOB, and make your own playlist played on a real sound system,

not just one or two speakers set up. Most will let you still have a reception for. 

50 guests to safely socially distance. Consider booking a day rate (most of us

working from home still!) You can have a more DIY wedding that doesn't look

DIY! Love Dance HTX will even include a complimentary wedding dance

lesson! Intimate wedding reception (6-8 hours) $1100-$1800.

5. Cake

Go with a small round cake for about $75 White with real flowers (DIY) looks


6. Photographer

It's not an all day wedding and videography you are booking. Family,

ceremony, you and your now spouse 30min-1 hour $300-$500

7. Wedding Party

Optional, if you want to wait until everyone can make it, wait until next year.

If you have a special person to stand with each of you do it!

8. Food and Alcohol

Yes! Find a venue that will let you bring in your own food and alcohol. You

can keep it less by jus offering beer and wine or go to Specs or Total Wine and

buy the liquor! A signature drink will also keep liquor cost down. Bring finger

foods/appetizers or book a nice Caterer for appetizers that is presented

beautifully. Bring in a food truck! $500+ You can always serve champagne and


Don't worry about impressing everyone. If they show up they want to be there. They want to celebrate you two joining lives. You already have everything else paid for if you want to celebrate next year with everyone. Don't lose your deposits and well picked vendors and don't lose wanting to to start life as a married couple!

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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Love Dance HTX's Wedding Prep 101! also gives couples an idea to what to expect on their big day. We give couples a rough idea on the do's and don't s and we offer them a blueprint. f having a very good rather very bad wedding dance is the reason why people come. But because it is so much fun couples end up coming back! Click Here to Book

Love Dance HTX's Wedding Prep 101! also gives couples an idea to what to expect on their big day. We give couples a rough idea on the do's and don'ts and we offer them a blueprint.

We know most people are nervous about dancing, especially in front of other people, so we create the perfect date night vibe. The lights are low, everyone is engaged (you have a lot in common!) and everyone brings a bottle of wine or beer (yes, bring the cooler!) It's casual date night attire (no athletic wear), romantic music and we start with the basics.

This is a fun date night. A class that teaches you how to create a romantic intimate connection with your fiance' to romantic music.

The instruction of the class is to introduce you to some moves you might use for your First Dance and begin moving together comfortable so you look natural. These are also moves you can use at your friends' weddings, parties, galas and more. The mission of Love Dance HTX is to create a lifelong physical and intimate connection for spouses through dance.

What to Expect:

Check in is at 8:30pm. From 8:30pm-8:45pm couples mingle and enjoy their beverage. Sometimes we have couples that have been taking private lessons rehearse their First Dance routine during this time to practice in front of a live audience.

What to Bring:

Wine or beer (most couples bring a bottle of wine, we provide wine glasses and wine opener). Holler Brewing Co is next door feel free to bring a To-Go cup here! We will ask you and your wedding date if you have a song picked out. If you don't we will help steer you in the direction of choosing one and you will hear song ideas in the class.

How to Dress:

Date night casual. Most women wear jeans/pants and a blouse with flats. Some wear dresses but keep in mind we are going to learn how to dip and twirl! Make sure the dress isn't too short. Most men wear jeans and shoes with a leather sole. It is casual but remember it should feel like date night!

Please Uber: We are that fun. And off of Washington.

The lesson: A wedding dance is divided into 3 sections: the walk on/intro, the middle and the finale (big dip!) Owners Lisa and Chris Joubert will teach you moves that work with a wedding dress. How to walk on, how to start the dance, some twirls and a dip. It is taught in a choreography format so you can do the moves in the same order to feel more comfortable. After each section you are given time to practice while they walk around and help you with the moves and answer questions. It is paced so you can take mental breaks and refill your glass. The amount of choreography demonstrated is usually about 1.5 minutes (most wedding songs are 1:45 seconds-3 minutes).

What is the Difference Between a Group Class and Private Lessons?

Private lessons are designed to teach you custom choreography for your First Dance.

Our group classes are different than most studios-our group class goal is to allow you to enjoy dancing with each other, develop confidence that you can do this, and be able to learn moving together beyond the First Dance. Also, if you are new to dancing, nervous about the dance, or challenged in the coordinated department this allows you time to look more natural. We have many couples that start with the Wedding Prep 101! 6 months-1 year before the wedding (once or twice a month) and then started on custom choreography 2-4 months before the wedding. The "natural look" is learned through the repetition of the group class and is easier to learn custom choreography because you have been exposed to the moves of Wedding Prep 101. Our goal at Love Dance Houston is for you to enjoy dancing with each other for a lifetime and if your budget is not as flexible 3 Wedding Prep Classes are better than just 1 private lesson.

Please check our calendar or call 832-781-135 to book your Wedding Prep 101 class.

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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

A Friends Private Group Class is the ultimate night out.

What is a LDH private group class?

A private group class is 1.5-3 hours in a beautiful, private studio with an activity included! The event is tailored for whatever social event you want to accomplish. If you are looking for corporate team building, date night with friends, family get-togethers, birthdays and more. We approach event hosting differently. If you need a professional event with professional ice breakers or for friends and couples, we can offer an experience no-one will soon forget. Our group classes begin with mingling and catching up with your friends or getting to know everyone. We allow time for BYOB and finger-food set up (appetizers, birthday cake, etc) and provide tables and chairs, mood lighting and an amazing sound system.

You will have 1-2 hosts to help make sure everyone feels welcome. After everyone arrives, there will be time for a drink or two and bites before we start the dance instruction portion of the private group class. The instructor will begin teaching your group the dance you select. The teaching is about an hour and is paced so you can take a break for drinks and enjoy talking to each other. Because it can be difficult to actually talk to your friends in a loud bar, this class is geared for interaction. LDH will conduct the class geared towards the mood you select. Using our event hosting will allows for a no-stress, no-cleanup and no-preparation environment for many different occasions and you don't have to clean your house and worry about tending to everyone, we will do that for you!

Private group classes are great for birthdays, bachelorette parties or simply catching up with friends. We have had everything from tech companies group team building to pregnancy announcements! If you want to keep the night going we are right next door to Holler Brewing Company and around the corner from Washington Ave.

What to Expect?

Why should I do a private group class with Love Dance Houston and what should I expect? Our clients tell us this is the most fun they have had. Most people come in apprehensive not knowing what to expect. There is usually one person that is really excited about doing a dance class (the person who books it) and everyone else is a little nervous. There are very few places you can go in Houston and do something new that's fun, a little scary and fortifies a "team" experience. We know you will have a great time, laugh and create lasting memories with us.

What do I Bring?

Bring Food and Plates and Utensils: Light bites that require no cooking (veggie/fruit trays, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, cake, etc)

Bring Booze: Key ingredient to letting loose (we provide wine glasses and wine opener)

Bring People: 30 minutes mingling, drinking and light bites

50 minutes-1 hour Dance Class

30 minutes of eating, drinking, hanging out while fun music is played

Tables and Chairs Provided

You can add more time or book less time-we recommend if you bring drinks 1.5 hour minimum.

Who Should Book a Private Group Party?

Birthday Parties, Gender Reveals, Corporate, Team Building, Get your friends together to do something fun together-perfect for busy friends to get together for a couple hours.

It's easy! You know when the party starts and ends so you are not hosting all night...

Love Dance Houston believes in relationship building. We create the environment where you can have meaningful conversation with your friends and loved ones. Most people have never taken a dance class and feel awkward going to a class-we make it fun and allow you to feel safe doing this together! It's easy to laugh with your friends as you all do something new together. Plus going out dancing together as a group is more fun than by yourself.

For singles or those with no partner (perfect for ladies night out) we recommend:

Hip Hop

Latin Moves (Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Samba)

Sexy Heels or Chair

Country Line Dancing

Broadway/Famous Movie Scene Numbers

For couples (date night!) we recommend:

Two Step


Salsa/Bachata/Latin Dances


Slow Dancing


If you are not sure what each style of dance is you can pick out music and we will put something together!

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