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What are Private Group Classes?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

A Friends Private Group Class is the ultimate night out.

What is a LDH private group class?

A private group class is 1.5-3 hours in a beautiful, private studio with an activity included! The event is tailored for whatever social event you want to accomplish. If you are looking for corporate team building, date night with friends, family get-togethers, birthdays and more. We approach event hosting differently. If you need a professional event with professional ice breakers or for friends and couples, we can offer an experience no-one will soon forget. Our group classes begin with mingling and catching up with your friends or getting to know everyone. We allow time for BYOB and finger-food set up (appetizers, birthday cake, etc) and provide tables and chairs, mood lighting and an amazing sound system.

You will have 1-2 hosts to help make sure everyone feels welcome. After everyone arrives, there will be time for a drink or two and bites before we start the dance instruction portion of the private group class. The instructor will begin teaching your group the dance you select. The teaching is about an hour and is paced so you can take a break for drinks and enjoy talking to each other. Because it can be difficult to actually talk to your friends in a loud bar, this class is geared for interaction. LDH will conduct the class geared towards the mood you select. Using our event hosting will allows for a no-stress, no-cleanup and no-preparation environment for many different occasions and you don't have to clean your house and worry about tending to everyone, we will do that for you!

Private group classes are great for birthdays, bachelorette parties or simply catching up with friends. We have had everything from tech companies group team building to pregnancy announcements! If you want to keep the night going we are right next door to Holler Brewing Company and around the corner from Washington Ave.

What to Expect?

Why should I do a private group class with Love Dance Houston and what should I expect? Our clients tell us this is the most fun they have had. Most people come in apprehensive not knowing what to expect. There is usually one person that is really excited about doing a dance class (the person who books it) and everyone else is a little nervous. There are very few places you can go in Houston and do something new that's fun, a little scary and fortifies a "team" experience. We know you will have a great time, laugh and create lasting memories with us.

What do I Bring?

Bring Food and Plates and Utensils: Light bites that require no cooking (veggie/fruit trays, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, cake, etc)

Bring Booze: Key ingredient to letting loose (we provide wine glasses and wine opener)

Bring People: 30 minutes mingling, drinking and light bites

50 minutes-1 hour Dance Class

30 minutes of eating, drinking, hanging out while fun music is played

Tables and Chairs Provided

You can add more time or book less time-we recommend if you bring drinks 1.5 hour minimum.

Who Should Book a Private Group Party?

Birthday Parties, Gender Reveals, Corporate, Team Building, Get your friends together to do something fun together-perfect for busy friends to get together for a couple hours.

It's easy! You know when the party starts and ends so you are not hosting all night...

Love Dance Houston believes in relationship building. We create the environment where you can have meaningful conversation with your friends and loved ones. Most people have never taken a dance class and feel awkward going to a class-we make it fun and allow you to feel safe doing this together! It's easy to laugh with your friends as you all do something new together. Plus going out dancing together as a group is more fun than by yourself.

For singles or those with no partner (perfect for ladies night out) we recommend:

Hip Hop

Latin Moves (Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Samba)

Sexy Heels or Chair

Country Line Dancing

Broadway/Famous Movie Scene Numbers

For couples (date night!) we recommend:

Two Step


Salsa/Bachata/Latin Dances


Slow Dancing


If you are not sure what each style of dance is you can pick out music and we will put something together!

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