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Experience Gifts vs Material Gifts

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Does anyone feel the pressure of buying the right gift like me? The thought of going out in traffic to push through shoppers all buying the same things is mentally exhausting! How much time have I spent looking online and in stores wondering if my friends and family have the item already or will like it?

Not this year! I had a big realization and experienced regret when my family and friends experienced Harvey's destruction last year. My sister lost her home and had just gotten married a month before. All her wedding momentos-wedding dress, gifts, the cute outfits I bought her for her events had all been washed away. Of course we helped her rebuild and start over along with other friends but I vowed to stop buying gifts that could wash away, be thrown out, or outgrown. I wished I had given my sister the gift of memories and building our relationship. I wished instead we had taken more girl trips, or a spacation, or taken a private yoga or hip hop class together if we just have an afternoon. I should have given her and her husband more two step lessons because she LOVES to dance and like most husbands, he is a little nervous. Life is made up of a lot of moments in the NOW, and the "someday" just never seems to happen. We both have kids, husbands, careers and it's harder than when we were in our 20s. It is easier to continue spending time together and making time for each other if it is a habit. At Love Dance Houston I wanted to create a living space that gives people a safe and fun place to build better relationships and memories. We believe in a customized experience in a beautiful private space with good music! Dancing can be an option or not, we believe in building better relationships with each other and having fun! We host your events as expert "ice breakers". Below I have listed some of my favorite gift ideas that won't disappoint!

For the Engaged

It's the season for weddings and engagements! Help your friends take a break from the stress of wedding planning and keep the romance and fun in the process. We have private lessons to help them feel their best and also some engaged group socials (Wedding Prep 101!) to have fun, keep the spark in date night, and learn how to feel good in each other's arms (and not be embarrassed when they are in front of their guests). Learning to dance together before getting married can change their marriage! Strong statement but true-couples that learn to dance together are more likely to dance together on vacations, friends weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, etc. The longer you are married and "comfortable" in your relationship the more important it is to take time out to hold each other and sway to music. The longer you wait to start this romance the less exciting it might be for one partner. Don't let your friends (or you!) get set in your ways...keep it playful, fun and sexy! This gift has options that start at only $50-$120 (date night experience) per couple and most couples feel like they can learn to dance after 3 lessons ($345) or really help them out with 5 lessons ($540) or 10 ($995 on sale form $1050). Hands down best part of wedding planning (something the groom will enjoy) and will help their bond in marriage! Someone else will get them the food processor. Custom amounts available for all gift certificates and options available if you are already married!

I Need to Out Gift My Siblings

My parents are not spring chickens anymore (sorry mom) but love to get out of the house. My mom loves to dance and hang out with friends. They would love a private dance party with music they like and be able to dance, talk and hang out with their friends without being worried how they look around others. Our studio is BYOB super friendly but they don't drink....hanging out in a non bar environment is perfect for them and gives them a great VIP experience. A private party starts at $200...there's no way I can buy nice gifts for my parents and 3 or 4 other couples for that! Make it special and bring in cupcakes, B&B Butcher burgers, sushi or El Tiempo fajitas and they are over the moon. In house music included and they can even create their own playlist if they prefer.

Switch up the Date Night Game

My married friends and siblings deserve a fun date night. Learning to Salsa, Two Step, Swing or Tango would really switch up their date night game. It's BYOB with no cork fees and they can do it as a couple or bring some other friends and make it a more fun night out rather than looking at each other at a bar. The "class" isn't so serious that they can't have fun together or with their friends, cocktail breaks and great music. Being off of Washington they would probably prefer to go out to dinner together. This is also a great family activity for siblings and parents. The environment is set for everyone to laugh, talk to each other, be engaged and remember doing something different together! Host included! Don't want to dance? Bring in a projector and watch the Super Bowl or World Series!

My Father In Law Doesn't Need Any More Polos or Cheesy Grill Items

My father in law usually comes and stays with us for the holiday break. We are ALWAYS trying to think of things to do. We have been to every museum, his favorite restaurants and mostly lounge around the house. He does not like to dance but hosting a dinner or potluck in a gorgeous venue/private room where he can control the budget of wine and food is right up his alley. Again, custom playlist and his family,friends and associates that live here will be impressed. A 3 hour dinner with BYOB and BYOF (bring your own food), music and private space only starts at $350. If 10 people show up that's only $35 per person! Being able to move around and talk to everyone with good music beats staring across the dinner table at a crowded restaurant. We never go to parties when he's here and this would be fun! My mom and mother in law want a place to get the family together and not clean house!

Girls Night Out

Friends getting together to laugh and do new things is the best! The environment is private and set so you can laugh, talk and be loud and take all the time you need to get the right pose for the 'Gram :) Pick your music if you want, try Trap Yoga, Hip Hop, Sexy Heels Class or Erotic Chairs (low light) or something else! Packages start at $175 for 90 minutes and include BYOB option and feel free to bring cake for birthdays! Whether you are in your 20's or 60's these friendship experiences will be the highlight of your week!

We are a fun, no judgement zone at Love Dance Houston and want your relationships to thrive! Sometimes we do it through dance classes or create the environment for you to have fun and enjoy your friends and loved ones! Have an idea? Give us a call! We love being creative 832-781-1735

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